Tuesday, December 10, 2013

midi2cv Module v3 - Synth & Drum Modes

The hardware and software of the midi2cv module has been updated to v3.

The hardware update adds 4 new gate/trigger outputs to the existing 3 CV and 1 gate/trigger out as well as a switch to toggle between 2 modes.

The software update takes advantage of all outputs, and allows two control modes: Synth and Drum

Synth mode responds to all notes and uses the 3 CV outs for Pitch, Velocity, and CC#1 (Modulation). Gate outputs 2 to 5 trigger when CC#2-5 are > 63.

Drum mode only responds to C1, C#1, D1, D#1, and E1. The first 3 notes trigger gates 1 to 3 and drop their velocity to the CV 1 to 3 outs. The last two notes trigger gates 4 and 5.

Each mode can produce the same output, the difference is how you control it with your DAW.

Some demo tracks for the two modes are up on the phaXis SoundCloud account: https://soundcloud.com/phaxis. The demos were done with the DLP and the FR-777 mainly because I ran out of things to modulate on the DLP in order to use all the outs (yes that needs to change!). Some outboard FX from the Yamaha REV-100 and Lexicon MPX-110, and a bit of love on the mix with iZotope's Ozone back in Cubase.

Updated schematics for the midi2cv module as well as the full assembly code for the PIC controller are up on the GitHub account: https://github.com/danielhood/dlp