Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Preparations

I've finally decided to start up a blog for Blizzard Tracks. I was hoping the new NuEnergy Collective site would have a blogging feature for the artists, but although the new site rocks, it's blog capabilities are not as full featured as what the Google empire has put together/bought out. And don't get me started on Myspace.

Regardless, this will hopefully allow for more of a freeform format (pun intended) for info about what's going on with Blizzard Tracks that really isn't suited for the "News" section. Since we all know Blizzard has never really had a high volume of releases, the blog should give some feedback to all of you about where Blizzard is at with tracks, artists, and gigs, as well as other random hardcore ramblings.

So, I'm getting ready for the Halloween event in Winnipeg on Friday at Soundwave's Scream event. I'll be doing a solo freeform hardcore set followed by a phaXis acid tech tag with Rayne. Looking forward to both. Haven't played back in Winnipeg for a good while, and the last couple of times were only techno sets.

I'm finishing off a new Blizzard tune for the event as well (as well as a couple tehcno tunes). The freeform track has a techno-ish foundation dropping to a huge trance breakdown. Here's a sample of it so far for you all!