Saturday, September 18, 2010

DLP Modular Synth Underway

Well, the file folder of schematics and notes that has been building over several years, is finally turning into something tangible. I've finally built a small rack, and the first module of the "Dirty Little Penguin" (DLP) modular syth.

Of course, the first module is a noisy mono distortion unit that leverages the CD4049 inverter chip. The circuit was based off of Stellan Lehrberg's Slowfinger guitar fuzz circuit.

Here's links to pics of the rack frame:

DLP Pic 1
DLP Pic 2
DLP Pic 3

And, of course, the FR-777 was used to generate test audio. Here's two samples, the original pattern without distortion, and another with:
FR-777 - No Distortion
FR-777 - With Distortion

Next up, hopefully by the end of this weekend, the first oscillator module should be alive. This module will be based off the NE5517, which should be enough to generate Triangle, Saw, Square, and Pulse waves(no PWM yet tho).

In other news, never did pick up the Waldorf Largo. It's a nice soft synth, decent interface, and the digital distortion filter mode is quite slick. However, it didn't offer enough to justify the cost.

One synth that I did try out, with some rather tasty results, is Rob Papen's BLUE soft synth. It doesn't look like much, but the way the interface is setup, allowing you to quickly configure each of the parts, lends itself well to creating nice stereo pads, drones, and effects. The filters available are quite good, a bit smooth in that Rob Papen style, but lend themselves well for creating very detailed and wide sounds, in a way that I haven't really seen in any other synth except for some Reaktor patches ;)

Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 - Studio Alive Again

After moving to a new house in the country, outside Ottawa late last year, the Igloo studio is now up and running again! Gear is set up, and the new room has been given a rockwool treatment which has done wonders for the sound. This is currently the smallest room I've ever been setup in, so a bit of sound treatment was essential. With any luck, and a bit of time, should have some new releases for 2010 for both Calibrated and Blizzard!

The Igloo has already had a couple local Ottawa boys through with some productions, including DJ Dain-Ja

Also, a new CPU (AMD Phenom II - 940) for the main studio box is also on its way, which should give a bit more power with its 4 cores and slight clock speed boost.