Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Next VSTi Purchase

The studio's next VSTi purchase will more than likely be Waldorf's new Largo softsynth.

This synth which was announced, of course, at the 2009 NAMM show, seems to contain all the good things about the Blofeld hardward synth that came out last year. I couldn't justify paying $800ish for a DSP based hardware synth, when all I really wanted were the filter drives modes that it contained. So needless to say I'm VERY happy there's a VST version which appears to contain the same filter drive modes which produced some very tasty results when I played around with the Blofeld last year. Hopefully a demo or some samples will be out sometime soon!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sidechained Compression

Sidechained compression is something I still haven't used as much as I know I should, partially because it can become a routing mess very quickly. It was easier in Logic than Cubase, and the ease of routing is probably still the biggest thing I miss about not working in Logic anymore.

I tried a new trick in Cubase where I'm using only one compressor and using the left channel as the compression trigger and the right channel as the compression content (then expanding the right channel back to stereo before routing to the main mix).

It worked quite well, and allowed me to use VST compressors that don't natively support sidechaining.

Here's the sample: [link]

Monday, January 19, 2009

New phaXis Hard Techno Mix: Sour Gas

I've put a new phaXis hard techno mix up on the Calibrated site in the releases section, called Sour Gas. The mix features a decently wide range of hard techno starting with liberator-ish styles, to Schranz, to some Industrial Strength stuff. Tracks featured includes some of the new Calibrated releases and a range of artists that have been doing some wicked cool stuff over the past year or so, including Concrete DJz, Patrick DSP, Rowland the Bastard, DJ Ogi, and Alex Calver.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy new year!

Back from vacation in Belize. Very cool country, diverse in both culture, races, and topography. Not to mention having average temperature highs that fluctuate from 26 to 31 degrees throughout the year! Music down there (that I was able to see and hear) ranges from punta rock, raggaton (Latin influenced reggae), world beat/folk, and some good drumming like the Garifuna Drummers group that performed at my friends wedding down there. As much as I love Manitoba, going someplace that isn't -30 (yes, 60 degrees warmer!) for the holidays is certainly a plus.

Now that I'm back, I've finally got the first six Calibrated Records tracks uploaded to the digital stores, so they should be available for download within the next day or so.

Now that that the techno's taken care of, it will be back to freeform for a while.

On the promotion side of things, it looks like Facebook allows public pages designed for businesses and artists which don't require a personal Facebook page to be created, although it limits you to what you can do on the Facebook network. It does allow you to create a network of fans and browse the artists your fans have as well as keep a list of your own favourite artists - which rivals MySpace's functionality. So, I now have a dj phosphor Facebook page. We'll see how long I can go with this before I end up creating a personal Facebook account for myself. The only problem is that it is difficult (or impossible from what I can see) to search for other artists without chaining through fan and favourite links of existing pages - tho I expect that Google will eventually spider into the Facebook pages (hence the blog link here to spur that on). At least the layout is much more attractive than MySpace!