Thursday, April 2, 2009

Software Upgrade Day

Kickin' off some new freeform projects, and this calls for software upgrades!

The iZotope Ozone 4 upgrade was the first. Been waiting for that for a bit. Some nice solid improvements to the whole app.

Cubase 5 Upgrade was next. The hard part was finding out where in Canada one has to go for upgrading. Recently Yamaha has taken over the distribution of Steinberg products in Canada, but as anyone can see, the range of Steinberg products available on is rather thin. Checking into as directed from a blog post was a bit more informative, however that site wasn't linked from Steinberg's main site - you only get directed to Yamaha's useless site now. Music Marketing is still handling all the Cubase Upgrades while Yamaha has taken over new purchases of Steinberg products; best go to L&M for products, and not through Yamaha's site.

So, now comes the impatient wait until it arrives!