Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sidechained Compression

Sidechained compression is something I still haven't used as much as I know I should, partially because it can become a routing mess very quickly. It was easier in Logic than Cubase, and the ease of routing is probably still the biggest thing I miss about not working in Logic anymore.

I tried a new trick in Cubase where I'm using only one compressor and using the left channel as the compression trigger and the right channel as the compression content (then expanding the right channel back to stereo before routing to the main mix).

It worked quite well, and allowed me to use VST compressors that don't natively support sidechaining.

Here's the sample: [link]


Stephan said...

are you using that as an overall compression? or just on the rides?

phosphor / phaXis said...

There's actually two compression paths trigger by the kicks, one cleaner one for the main perc, and a second one with a filtered reverb. The rides are going through the cleaner one if i remember but are getting nicely crunched down.